India restores internet in occupied Kashmir after five-month long blackout

Narendra Modi’s government has finally restored internet services to India Occupied Kashmir (IOK) this Saturday. This comes after a...

Jan 27 · >

Kashmiri WhatsApp accounts being deactivated due to continued communication lockdown by India

It has been over four months since India cut of all lines of communication in India Occupied Kashmir (IOK)....

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Dec 7 · >

Mobile networks and internet services are reportedly cut in Indian-occupied Kashmir

As the tensions rise in the disputed region, the mobile phone networks and internet services are reportedly being cut...

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Aug 5 · >

Indian Government asks Twitter to ban pro-Kashmir accounts & several Pakistanis are on the list!

The Indian Government has reached out to Twitter in order to ban people who take a stand for Kashmir...

Sep 5 · >

Indian hackers deface Kashmir Media Service website

The official website of Kashmir Media Service, www.kmsnews.org, has been hacked by Indian hackers. The officials have taken down...

Aug 28 · >

Azad Kashmir can be turned into a Silicon Valley and IT hub, Sardar Masood Khan

Sardar Masood Khan, the President Azad Jammu, and Kashmir, also the chancellor of Mirpur University of Science and Technology,...

May 23 · >

Social Media banned in Indian-Held Kashmir

Following an increased level of violence in the Indian-held region of Kashmir, authorities have forced to ban most common...

Apr 27 · >

Facebook silences Jamaat-e-Islami page over voicing Indian brutalities in Kashmir

Facebook has unpublished the official Facebook page of Jamaat-e-Islami, reportedly, in response to voicing the brutalities being conducted in...

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Sep 28 · >

This social media campaign against Facebook censorship and two faced policies is going viral!

Kashmir has been embroiled in a deep state of conflict for the past few weeks. Followed by the death...

Jul 25 · >

Facebook bans Hamza Ali Abbasi, removes his post supporting Kashmir leader

Pakistani actor and director, Hamza Ali Abbasi, found his account banned by Facebook after he posted a status in...

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Jul 19 · >