Apple may copy Android by bringing swipe-to-type keyboard option in iOS 13

The Cupertino giant may be planning to bring the all-time Android favorite, the swipe-to-type keyboard on its platform. The...

May 8 · >

Microsoft’s modern keyboard has a hidden fingerprint sensor

Microsoft has unveiled its new keyboard which features a hidden fingerprint sensor. The company had been working on this...

Jun 16 · >

KeySniffer, a new keyboard vulnerability, is exposing millions of people to hackers

A newly discovered vulnerability in wireless, radio-based keyboards could be exposing users to hackers. This vulnerability, being called KeySniffer,...

Jul 27 · >

The fastest man on earth now has his own emoji keyboard, called “Boltmoji”

The fastest man ever to be timed, Usain Bolt, has now unveiled his very own emoji-keyboard. You may not...

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Jul 24 · >