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The fastest man on earth now has his own emoji keyboard, called “Boltmoji”

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  41 sec read >

The fastest man ever to be timed, Usain Bolt, has now unveiled his very own emoji-keyboard. You may not be able to run as fast as Bolt but at least you can celebrate his future wins by sending his famous “Lightning Bolt” to your friends in an instant.

“Boltmoji” is the emoji keyboard Usain Bolt has launched, in collaboration with sports brand Puma. This simple keyboard app will provide you with a full collection of Usain Bolt emojis and gifs. You’ll find everything from laughing Bolt, crying Bolt, winking Bolt to running Bolt and, obviously, Bolting Bolt.

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Basically, it’s your normal emoji collection but instead of the cute yellow faces, you get the mighty Jamaican, Usain Bolt. Apart from that, there is also a huge collection of gifs to send to your friends. There’s even a normal keyboard, for when you have words that can’t be expressed using a Boltmoji, but, do you really one when you’ve got Boltmoji? (I don’t)

Download Boltmoji for Android | iOS

Fun Bolt-Fact: Scientists have now proven that Usain Bolt, with his superhuman running speed, could literally fly on Titan— Saturn’s largest moon— if he was wearing a wingsuit.


Written by Rehan Ahmed
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