Microsoft completely redesigns Skype for desktop

Microsoft updated the mobile version of Skype to 8.0 a few months ago. The new mobile version of Skype...

Oct 31 ·>

One out of every four Windows users plans to switch to Mac

In a recent survey conducted by a research firm named as Verto Analytics, it is argued that Windows users...

Jun 29 ·>
Green Apple

Microsoft Skype to stop working for these versions of Windows and Mac

Microsoft has announced that it is cutting off its support for older versions of Skype beginning March 1, 2017....

A single image can be used to steal your iOS and Mac passwords

A Cisco researcher has just found out that hackers can sneak into iOS or Mac devices, gaining control over...

Jul 22 ·>

A Windows User’s First Time With A Mac

Born into a world of Microsoft, Windows 98 was the first Operating System I ever used. The earth-shattering sound...

Jan 23 ·>