How to delete all your photos from your iPhone or iPad much quicker

It’s a common fact that our images and videos taken and downloaded from our iPhone or iPad slowly accumulates...

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Sep 18 · >

How To Tell if Your Mac Has A Virus Or Malware

Just by hearing the term ‘Mac’ or ‘MacBook’, the concept of security and user privacy comes to our mind....

Jul 12 · >

Google Search setting up Dark Mode ensuring compatibility with all themes

As per many requests of users globally, Google has been once again testing out the search engine’s dark mode...

Feb 12 · >

Apple is holding another event dubbed “one more thing”

Apple announced plans earlier this year to leave Intel’s processor lineup for their ARM architecture-based in-house designed chips much...

Nov 3 · >

Apple’s own processors will power Macs starting later this year

Apple confirmed long-standing rumors that it is leaving Intel behind and moving to its own ARM-based processors to power...

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Jun 24 · >

This top-ranked utility application steals user data and sends it to Chinese servers

The top-ranked utility application of Mac App Store, Adware Doctor, is actually a spyware in disguise and sends your...

Sep 11 · >

Apple iOS 12’s new feature will let your AirPods work as hearing aids

The Cupertino giant has brought many new features and updates in currently on-going Worldwide Developers Conference, namely the most...

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Jun 6 · >

Everything you need to know about Apple iOS 12

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 (WWDC) kicked off this Tuesday, bringing many new updates and features to the company’s...

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Jun 6 · >

Apple introduces macOS 10.14 Mojave – here are the supported Macs

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has commenced with Apple already introducing new technology and updates. The company recently...

Jun 6 · >

iCloud can now store all your messages

Apple has released the latest version of MacOS High Sierra that now supports storing messages in iCloud. The new...

Jun 4 · >

Apple is working on its own Mac processors in a secret lab

Apple has commenced development on its own processors for MacBook laptops and Mac desktops in a Washington lab. According...

Jun 2 · >

Twitter decides to kill its app for Apple’s Mac

Twitter finally decides to take down its less-popular app on Apple Mac. Twitter has pulled the application from the...

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