One out of every four Windows users plans to switch to Mac

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >
Green Apple

In a recent survey conducted by a research firm named as Verto Analytics, it is argued that Windows users be it desktop or laptop users are planning to switch to Mac. The firm said 25 percent of the total Windows desktop users and 21 percent of Windows laptop users are planning to opt for Mac as their next machine. The firm has said the users are planning to switch to Mac in next six months.

According to the survey people earning more money are higher in ratio who are planning to switch to Mac. However, on the other hand, the same question was asked to Mac users. And 98 percent of Mac users said that they will stick to Mac and are not planning to switch to other operating systems or machines, this huge percent shows how good Apple is catering its users when compared to other companies.

No only this, previously another survey firm Morgan Stanley also issued a report stating that the iPhone users are more loyal than Android users. When asked the question to iPhone users will they buy iPhone as their next mobile, 92 percent responded to the question as Yes. This shows that iPhone users are satisfied with their devices and plan to continue using Apple powered phones. In the same survey, 77% Samsung users showed satisfaction with their Android operating system.

Moreover, tech company Apple is also trying to convince Android users to switch to Apple and for this purpose, the company has made a website solely for this purpose. Apple is going all out to tackle all of its competitors all at once; whether it is a mobile manufacturer such as Samsung or OS developer Microsoft.

This year so far has been good for Apple as many surveys are coming in favor of Apple not just the surveys but in the mobile market, the company is doing great, the company has topped $800 billion mark in market capitalization and also topped the wearables market table in Q1 of 2017.
Image Source: VertoAnalytics