Malaysian Government Is Planning on Offering Courses In Pakistan

Malaysia and Pakistan always have had a good relationship with each other in the government and on the public...

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Aug 20 · >

Malaysian car manufacturing company to open an assembly plant in Pakistan

The Malaysian car manufacturing company, Proton is hoping to sell affordable Malaysian vehicles in Pakistan by the year 2021....

Feb 10 · >

Cradle Fund CEO dies after his smartphone explodes

Cradle Fund CEO, Nazrin Hassan, died after his mobile phone exploded while charging. The explosion also resulted in a...

Jun 22 · >

Malaysia considering cryptocurrency ban

Malaysia would not rule out a ban on cryptocurrency. Just a few weeks ago we told our readers that...

Oct 6 · >

Malaysia to legalize Bitcoin soon

While Chinese government may be locking down Bitcoin exchanges, other countries in the region are becoming more receptive of...

Sep 21 · >

This device will help catch thieves red handed

Pakistan is a country where street crime is much high, people get robbed even in the middle of the...

May 11 · >