Cradle Fund CEO dies after his smartphone explodes

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Cradle Fund CEO, Nazrin Hassan, died after his mobile phone exploded while charging. The explosion also resulted in a fire that caught his home.

Cradle Fund is a Malaysian startup influencer that has helped fund over 70 tech startups in the country. According to reports, Hassan had two smartphones, one Blackberry and the other was a Huawei model. Last week, one of his two smartphones exploded while charging next to his bedside.

Reports claim the mattress first caught the fire which later spread across the room leading to the CEO’s death. In another report, it is claimed that broken pieces of the phone hit Hassan on the back of the head which unfortunately led to “trauma” injury. The police, however, concluded that Hassan died due to smoke inhalation after being trapped in the fire.

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Cradle Fund issued the statement saying that:

“The post-mortem report concluded the cause of death as being a complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding handphone that was being charged next to him. Cradle has lost a passionate, innovative and humble leader and the startup community has lost an inspiring leader. His vision and love for innovation will always be at the core of what we do. Nazrin loved his work, but his greatest love was for his wife and children.”

According to The Malaysian Insight, Hassan’s brother-in-law said the following in a message on social media,

“He had two phones, one Blackberry and a Huawei. We don’t know which one exploded. Who would have thought such an innocuous routine procedure is the reason three young kids will grow up without their father by their side.”

According to an official statement issued by Cradle Fund,

“The post mortem report concluded the cause of death as being a complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding hand phone that was being charged next to him.”

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