“Do Not” An Indian Government Backed Hacking Group Is Planning To Target Pakistan

An Indian-supported hacking group is set to attack Pakistan’s cyber world. “Do Not” is an Indian-backed hacking group involved...

Mar 9 · >

Coinbase Cyberattack Targeted Employees Via Fake SMS Alert

According to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform, an unfamiliar threat actor efficiently stole one of its employees’ login details...

Feb 21 · >

North Korean Hackers Have Stolen Around $1.2 Billion in Crypto

This North Korean Crypto Hackers have been stealing these $1.2 Billion worth of cryptocurrencies since 2018, however a major...

Feb 20 · >

Hackers are Now Using ChatGPT to Create Malwares

A recent report by Checkpoint Research suggests that the AI chatbot has become quite popular amongst cyber criminals While...

Feb 10 · >

Hackers Use New SwiftSlicer Wiper To Destroy Windows Domains

Researchers have found a new data-wiping malware used by hackers to destroy Windows domains. Security researchers have named it...

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Jan 30 · >

Private Israeli firm uses malware to spy on journalists: report

A combined investigation conducted by the world’s leading news outlets has unearthed a groundbreaking fact: activists, journalists, and politicians...

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Jul 19 · >

Hackers Took Advantage Of A New Security Flaw To Compromise Updated iPhones

In recent news, the hackers behind the SolarWinds supply chain attack last year discovered an iOS vulnerability hence making...

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Jul 16 · >

How To Tell if Your Mac Has A Virus Or Malware

Just by hearing the term ‘Mac’ or ‘MacBook’, the concept of security and user privacy comes to our mind....

Jul 12 · >

The Joker Malware Returns To Steal Data, Android Users Better Watch Out

In recent news, the once infamous malware known as the Joker Malware has returned to haunt Android applications yet...

Jun 22 · >

Hackers are targeting Pakistani taxpayers with FBR emails containing harmful malware, warns FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)  on Saturday clarified that the revenue body had not sent any e-mail after...

Apr 18 · >

Hackers are using “Steam” invites to hijack computers of ‘Counter Strike’ players

According to a bug report, hackers can take control of victims’ computers just by tricking them into clicking on...

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Apr 14 · >

NITB Warns Android Users Of Malware Through Fake Netflix App

In recent news, the National Information Technology Board has determined that an app by the name of ‘FlixOnline’ has...

Apr 14 · >