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5 Best phones that you can buy under 30k easily in Pakistan – 2022

Smartphones are expensive! Nowadays, it has become a necessity for everyone to have a smartphone, whether they like it...

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Aug 3 · >

FBR reduces upto 45% tax on imported mobile phones

In its effort to discourage the mobile phone smuggling mafias in the country, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has...

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Jul 1 · >

Customs foils an attempt to smuggle mobile phones through Islamabad Airport

The Customs officials have arrested a man at the new Islamabad International Airport who was trying to smuggle mobile...

May 3 · >

World’s first phone call was made 45 years ago by a Motorolla phone

Motorolla is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the world’s first commercially available mobile phone named Motorola DynaTAC. The world’s...

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Apr 4 · >

BMW might permanently replace car keys with Mobile phone apps

Automobile giant BMW hinted that the company might permanently replace car keys with Mobile phones apps. Smartphones have made...

Sep 18 · >