PlayStation 4 system update 5.00 beta launched, here are the new features

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PlayStation 4 system update 5.0 is launched in beta for all the users who signed up to test the update. As we told our readers, Sony opened the registration for the beta update last month and promised to launch the beta in early August and here it is. The beta registrations are now closed and only those people can download the update who signed up for the update before.

The new update comes with a lot of new features. The first major change is the “Family on PlayStation Network”. Currently, a parent with a “master account” is the manager of the family and it can create up to 6 accounts for the family. But all the controls, such as the access to the games based on their rating will affect all the accounts under the “master account” on the same console. No matter if the users are adults or children.

But now, with the “Family on PlayStation Network”, Sony has completely changed the way you handle the parental controls. Now there will be a “family manager” and he’ll be able to promote another user to the status of “parent/guardian”. Then both of the parents will be able to adjust the parental controls. Parents will also be able to customize the settings for each child account.

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Another major feature included in this update is the ability to disable notification pop-ups during video playback. This was a long awaited feature and was available on Xbox 360 for ages. Microsoft also pushed this feature to the Xbox One within the first 6 months of its launch. Now Sony has finally introduced it in PlayStation 4 system update 5.0. Users will also be able to control the color and privacy of the pop-up window. You’ll be able to hide the message and sender’s name from the pop-up window.

Moreover, users will be able to live broadcast their game on Twitch in 1080p@60fps. That is fast as Twitch introduced the 1080p@60fps streaming in March this year. However, 1080p@60fps video streaming will only be available for PlayStation 4 Pro users.

Here are the other minor features included in the new PlayStation 4 system update 5.0:

  • Ability to leave multiple messages groups at the same time.
  • A clock and notifications now appear under the Quick Menu.
  • You can leave parties through Quick Menu.
  • PlayStation VR now supports virtual surround sound 5.1ch and 7.1ch.
  • New tournament bracket viewer.
  • Ability to share music via the PS4’s messages feature.
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