Twitter to redesign its website to make it more similar to the mobile app

Twitter’s website is going to get a redesign soon which will make it similar to the mobile app. The...

Jul 17 · >

Reddit has introduced the dark mode feature

Reddit has finally announced the native night mode feature for the desktop. On May 24th, Reddit published an official...

May 25 · >

Google confirms major redesign of Gmail coming soon

Google is planning to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface soon. In an email to G...

Apr 12 · >

Snapchat responds to backlash after design overhaul

Snapchat has officially responded to the petition – “Remove the new Snapchat update”, which was started after the...

Feb 22 · >

Facebook is redesigning its pages to look more professional

Facebook is redecorating, again! This time, though, the new design is for Facebook Pages only. They are completely revamping...

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