Telenor officially launches 4G Wingle and Mobile Wifi device in Pakistan

Telenor has announced the launch of its 4G devices including a “4G Hotspot Wingle” and “4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi”...

Oct 7 ·>

Telenor Velocity to provide networking opportunity for startups in Lahore

Velocity, Telenor’s go-to-market accelerator, is doing a closed networking activity this Saturday in Lahore at Daftwarkhwan, a coworking space....

Oct 7 ·>
Telenor Velocity

About 26% of Pakistani youth thinks that the robot take-over won’t affect them much

A six-nation online survey reveals Pakistan’s youth are ‘excited’ for future digital job prospects but still prioritize human-centered skills...

Oct 4 ·>

KITE Oslo startup challenge to accelerate Pakistani ventures in Norway

Karachi Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship (KITE) has partnered with The City of Oslo, Telenor Norway, and Startup Lab for...

Sep 2 ·>

Telenor to automate nationwide milk collection network with Engro

Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Engro Corporation to automate, and digitize Milk Collection Network across the nation with the...

Aug 9 ·>

Telenor rolls out 4G Network in 6 cities with a limited time free service

Telenor has officially launched its 4G service in Pakistan’s 6 cities including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Swat....

Aug 8 ·>
Telenor 4G

PTA reveals a sharp decline in 3G subscribers

New numbers revealed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) show a sharp decline in 3G subscribers in Pakistan. The...

Aug 8 ·>

Telenor Velocity extends deadline for second batch to 30th of August

Pakistan’s first telecom-accelerator, Telenor Velocity, has extended its deadline for its 2nd Cohort after receiving an overwhelming response from...

Jul 29 ·>

Telenor awarded technology neutral 850MHz spectrum for 4G license

The Minister for IT & Telecom, Mrs. Anusha Rahman, formally handed over the 850 MHz license to Mr. Michael...

Jul 27 ·>

Unfavorable operating conditions may force Telenor to leave India

Telenor Group may be contemplating an exit from the Indian market after reports have emerged about the problems it...

Jul 20 ·>

PTA has finally awarded Telenor 4G spectrum license

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) has officially awarded Telenor 4G Spectrum and the license to operate it in Pakistan. The news...

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Jul 16 ·>
Telenor 4G

Telenor Pakistan announces Bilal Kazmi as new Chief Marketing Officer

Telenor Group has appointed Bilal Kazmi as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Telenor Pakistan today. Telenor Pakistan’s current CMO,...

Jul 15 ·>

Telenor refuses to pay $39.5 million advance tax, takes matter to court

Telenor Pakistan has refused to pay an advance tax of $39.5 million for the 4G spectrum that it was...

Jun 29 ·>