1.9 million pieces of ISIS and al-Qaida related content removed, claims Facebook

The largest social network on the planet, Facebook claims that it used the definition to delete 1.9 million pieces...

Apr 24 · >

YouTube has a way to counter terrorism

Less time has passed since the video-sharing giant YouTube rolled out its strategy to find and filter out terrorist...

Jul 22 · >

Facebook to become a hostile place for terrorists

Facebook will make its platform hostile for terrorists, the company said in an official statement. Terrorism has been spreading...

Jun 16 · >

Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts in a crackdown against terrorism

In a crackdown against people promoting terrorism on Twitter, the micro-blogging website has axed close to 360,000 accounts since...

Aug 20 · >

Pakistan to discuss blocking mobile signals from Afghanistan to control terrorist activities

Pakistan has decided to take up the issue of spillover effects of mobile signals coming from Afghanistan at the...

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