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Huawei Mate 40 teasers hint at faster wireless charging and 5G

The Huawei Mate 40 is officially being released tomorrow in a Livestream. Huawei is keeping the hype up by...

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Oct 22 · >

Apple may add reverse wireless charging feature in its 2019 iPhones

With the emerging trend of reverse wireless charging in the mobile world, rumors are circulating that Apple may include...

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Apr 2 · >

Apple patents a wireless charging system between devices

Apple has patented a wireless power-transfer technology that enables one device to charge another device. This technology is not...

Jul 27 · >

Wireless Charging Duo has been leaked, can charge Galaxy Watch and Note 9 at same time

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Duo has been leaked by Roland Quandt, a renowned leaker. The wireless charging accessory, having a...

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Jul 23 · >

Apple AirPower expected to launch this September

Apple has been the epitome of innovation for the last few years. Two years back they initiated the no-headphone-jack...

Jun 22 · >

Apple’s iPhone X has a weird battery problem while using wireless charging

Where most of the users actually like the Apple’s innovative feature, but iPhone X and iPhone 8’s wireless charging has...

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Mar 15 · >

Apple’s innovative wireless charging mat could arrive next month

Last September, Apple unveiled its wireless charging accessory, the AirPower. AirPower is a one of its kind charging mat...

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Feb 23 · >

Apple acquires wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

Apple has recently acquired PowerbyProxi, a wireless charging company based in New Zealand. Yesterday Apple confirmed an earlier report...

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Oct 25 · >

BMW introduces a wireless charging pad, fully charges the car in just 3.5 hours

BMW is close to launching a wireless charging pad for its 530e Plug-In Hybrid. This is a totally new...

Sep 26 · >

Next iPhones may pack charging through WiFi facility

Next Apple smartphones may pack the ability to charge only while connected to the WiFi, a new patented technology...

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Apr 28 · >