Women in Tech

New study says women are more competent coders than men

For centuries now, women have been under-estimated in their level of intellect and expertise. But this latest study suggests...

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Woman Coders

These young women featured in TechJuice 25 under 25 are an inspiration for all

Earlier this month, we did a feature on Pakistan’s 25 High Achiever’s under 25. The task of finding those...

Jan 18 ·>

How WomenX is helping Pakistani women realize their dreams?

WomenX Pakistan is calling applications for their last batch in Karachi and inaugural batches in Lahore and Peshawar will...

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“We Will Choke You”: How Indian Women Face Fatal Threats on Facebook While Trolls Roam Free

In a blog post titled “Leaning out from Facebook” Inji writes: “Many of us women are here ...

This female engineer is challenging gender stereotypes with #ILookLikeAnEngineer

Gender disparity is not just a third-world problem. Women all over the world struggle with gender stereotypes. No matter...

Aug 6 ·>

How this Pakistani woman is using technology to transform the textile industry

Pakistan’s textile industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan. It is still the largest employment generating sector in...

Aug 5 ·>

Why It Is Awesome And Why It Sucks To Be A Female CEO

In a world of male-dominated businesses, it is always out of ordinary to see women CEOs running a company....

Jul 30 ·>
Being A female CEO

In search of entrepreneurial diversity in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with a troubled economy, a dismal state of socio-political affairs, and it is a nation...

Jul 29 ·>

Pakistan and India are worst places in the world for Women Entrepreneurs, says a report

Despite having a booming economy and a fast-growing startup ecosystem, India is a pretty bleak place for women entrepreneurs....

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Jul 16 ·>

9 inspiring Quotes for Pakistani Women to embrace entrepreneurship

We have seen several women entrepreneurs emerged from the Pakistani tech community in the past few years. This might...

Jul 11 ·>

The brave Pakistani woman who changed video gaming landscape with her startup, GRID

Stories beyond the border is a TechJuice’s exclusive feature in which we will be interviewing and getting insights from...

Jun 9 ·>

How Think Global Institute is Helping Pakistani Women Business Owners

TechJuice was in conversation with Amy Scerra – Co-founder and COO at Think Global Institute. TGI comprises of a...

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Mar 17 ·>

Working Women – This is how you progress in a Men’s World

In a conversation with a friend about women in business the focus remained on why business is still difficult...

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