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These young women featured in TechJuice 25 under 25 are an inspiration for all

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  2 min read >

Earlier this month, we did a feature on Pakistan’s 25 High Achiever’s under 25. The task of finding those 25 individuals was very grueling. We got to know some of Pakistan’s very brilliant minds and among them were 9 talented, young women. All these girls are working in a field directly or indirectly related to technology and their achievements are further proof of the fact that they are exceptional at what they do. We have tech entrepreneurs, digital artists, academic high achievers, social activists, innovators and inventors. These women are a representation of thousands of other young Pakistani girls pursuing higher education and working in demanding professional fields. Read on to find out more about them!

1. Arusha Imtiaz, 25

Arusha Imtiaz, 25, Edjunction

Arusha is the co-founder of Edjunction, an education platform to let parents keep in sync with their children. She has also worked with City District Government Lahore to conduct pilots in government schools and recently went to Oslo, Norway to pitch her startup idea at the Telenor Digital Winners competition. Read more.

2. Komal Ashfaq, 24

Komal Ashfaq, 24, Digital Artist

Komal is a digital artist and the founder of Komal’s Comics, the incredibly popular page on Facebook. Recently, she has started work as the lead designer for an app to help children learn better and also launched her very own online clothing startup. Read more.

3. Amna Farouk, 22

Amna Farouk, Lithomatic

Amna is young entrepreneur in the medical field. Together with her co-founders, she designed an incredibly cheaper alternative for urinary stone removal for the Pakistani market. Her startup Lithomatic has garnered 8 local as well as one international award. Instead of accepting investment or any kind of incubation, they are self-funded and work from their own pocket. Read more.

4. Noor Asif, 23

Noor Asif

Noor is a CS graduate with an extremely ingenuine innovation to her name. She and her group mates have developed a practical and incredibly cheap AI-based prosthetic foot. They also won a gold medal for their project at the APICTA awards this year and are planning to bring it to market soon. Read more.

5. Azqa Nadeem, 22

Azqa Nadeem, 22, Academic High Achiever

Azqa is a graduate from NUST SEECS, and the first person ever to score a perfect 4.0 CGPA in SEECS. She has interned at CERN, winning the “Best Lightning Talk” title. She has received widespread acclaim from the Pakistani community, and also received the NUST High Acheiver award by Rector NUST. Read more.

6. Umay Salma, 22

Umay Salma, 22, Student High Achiever

Umay Salma is an Electrical Engineer, a mother and has an incredibly illustrious portfolio filled with achievements like Cultural Ambassador at US Department of State, IEEE Islamabad’s Student Section Representative in Asia-Pacific, Matriculation topper and Climate Reality Leader. Read more.

7. Sarah Ahmad, 21

Sarah Ahmad, 21, Software Engineer

Sarah Ahmed is an engineering student at NED and the inventor of I-Interpreter, a device that provides mobile communication for deaf and dumb people using sign language instead of voice. She has also developed a Hybrid Mobile Application for Anti-Car Lifting Cell and is an exceptional programmer. Read more.

8. Mahoor Jamal, 21

Mahoor Jamal, 21, Fashion Illustrator

Before Mahoor became a successful digital artist, she was an aspiring pre-medical student. A series of events led her to change her career path. She is now a social media icon in Pakistan, known for her incredible artworks and abstract portraits, which she regularly posts on her Instagram and Facebook profiles. Read more.

9. Ayesha Babar, 18

Ayesha, 18, teddict

Ayesha and her two brothers, Abdullah and Asad, are home-schooled and believe that traditional education kills creativity. They came up with an idea of a platform – Teddict – for peer to peer learning, where anybody can be a teacher or a student. They were enrolled at NEST I/O incubator in Karachi. Read more.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
I love bringing to light stories of extraordinary people working in Pakistan's tech and startup industry. You can reach out to me through maryamdodhy@techjuice.pk. Profile