Tech News- This week on The Appjuice

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Tech News

Tech News – This week on The AppJuice:

Things are looking down for BlackBerry, Evernote Launches exclusive stationary and yet another Nokia Phone leak!

As September draws to an end, we are here to issue a wakeup call to all those who slept through September (pun intended). Here is the latest Tech News buzz from the tech world!


Last week, BlackBerry announced that it was going private. Most of us heard the news and paused for a millisecond at the almost-demise of the company that we had once loved. Who can forget the era when the BlackBerry’s had been all in rage with every cool person using the BB pin as their personal card? Well, those days are gone for good and if you still have a BlackBerry, we suggest you keep it as a memento. The last phones that BlackBerry released just couldn’t make it in the market!

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We have seen large businesses transition from selling tangible goods turn to developing smartphone applications to facilitate their users but here is a twist, Evernote, one of our favorite note keeping application decided to move from a well-developed organizing application to provide stationary and other goodies that come up with the official Evernote logo. Hmm. To be honest, we find it a little weird that the Evernote will be selling socks, bags, notebooks, t-shirts (!) and scanners among other things. Evernote says that it is putting these things out there to help you out with your everyday life and existing habits instead of dictating your life with technological tools. The main aim behind this move is to help man and machine work together, an idea inspired by Gary Kasparov, the famous Chess grandmaster. We are a little skeptical but we will leave it to time to see how this venture goes.


In case you are feeling a little left out regarding the latest phones that will be debuting in the market soon, take a look at the Nokia Asha 500, which you will soon be hearing about. This phone is going to be a variant of Nokia Asha 50. While it looks almost the same, the interesting thing is the clear casing. Of course, Nokia will be changing a few things in it. Otherwise there is little point of launching yet another Asha phone. That said, what do you guys think of the Asha phones? Are they conveniently small and useful budget phones or just not smart enough in your opinions? We would love to hear what you say!

That’s all from The AppJuice NewsDesk! We have Windows 8.1 to look forward to in October and possibly a few gold phones and tablets!

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