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10 Best Budget Phones

Written by Nooh Kazi ·  2 min read >

There’s been a lot of Smartphone buzz around, and we see many people switching to Smartphone these days. But for many, budget comes first, and it’s their first priority. We see the Smartphone market is full of variety; we get phones starting from Rs 6000 and going up to Rs 100,000 even. Many of us consider budget offerings which can fulfill basic needs of a Smartphone and offer them a good bang for buck.

Here, we’ll be covering some budget phones for those who are interested in either switching to Smartphone or want to upgrade from an existing Smartphone. Our budget range is going to be Rs 25,000 and below, and we’ll be covering Smartphones which offer a decent bang for buck.

1- Nokia Asha 210 (Rs. 7,500)


Asha 210 is a lovely Smartphone, featuring a QWERTY keyboard, this phone is an ideal choice for people who text a lot. Based on Nokia S40 platform, means you can access to social networking apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, viber, etc. interestingly the phone also has wifi connectivity too, that means you can get connected even without cellular data. It can also support SD card up to 32 GB. It’s also available in wide variety of colors too.



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2- Nokia Asha 501 (Rs 10,000)


The Asha 501 is something new in the market, launched with new Nokia Asha Platform 1.0, this is a cute looking device, The phone features 3.0 inch capacitive touch screen and wifi connectivity too. The color options for this little Smartphone are cool as well, with basic apps and services already available on the platform; one won’t regret buying this colorful little Smartphone.


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3- Sony Xperia E (Rs. 14,000)


Sony Xperia E, is budget offering from Sony, with a 3.5 inch screen, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, Android 4.1 and Sony’s Timescape  UI, it should offer good performance for that price. Not to forget, the 3.15 Mega pixel camera and micro SD card slot, which supports cards up to 32 GB. The phone also has 4 GB of internal memory. All these features packed into a decent price package, make Xperia E an ideal choice for that price.


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4- Nokia Lumia 520 (Rs. 18,000)


The Lumia 520 is a budget offering from Nokia, powered by Windows Phone 8, with 1 GHz dual core Krait processor, Adreno 305 GPU, 512 MB of RAM, this gadget packs some serious horsepower under the hood.

With wide variety of colors, it also promises excellent battery life for a Smartphone of this tier. There is a 5 MP Autofocus snapper on the back too, which can do 720p videos as well. If you plan to buy Lumia 520, just stop thinking, and go ahead without any hesitation.


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5- HTC Desire X (Rs. 20,000)


HTC Desire X is a gorgeous Smartphone, with a number of exclusive features, most notably The Beats Audio integration. The Desire X sports an eye candy design, with 1 GHz dual core processor and 768 MB of RAM, this phone should get you through basic to medium tasks easily. It’s upgradable to Android 4.1 as well, which means decent compatibility of apps for some time to come. One won’t regret buying this phone.


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6- Samsung Galaxy Core (Rs. 24,000)


This phone is for Samsung lovers, particularly, for the people who prefer Samsung’s Touchwiz UI. The specs are identical to that of HTC Desire X, except that this guy packs more RAM, i.e. 1 GB, more memory i.e. 8 GB, a slightly larger screen and a front side snapper. This one is sure going to be the right choice for that price.


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7- Sony Xperia L (Rs. 25,000)


All right, my favorite, The Xperia L is no doubt the best phone to buy for that price. It packs some serious power with 1 GHz dual core Krait 200 cores, Adreno 305, 1 GB of RAM, this is a solid Smartphone for that price. Heavy games should run of it fluently with no hassles. With and 8 MP shooter and 8 GB of memory, and space for micro SD card slot, this phone is just right for about anyone. Don’t think, if you are on a budget of Rs 25,000; just go ahead with this one.

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