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Telegram Has Launched New Features That Crushes WhatsApp

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Telegram Messenger is a globally accessible freemium,cloud-based, and centralized instant messaging service. Undeniably, with time it has become trendy and has grown to become the biggest threat to the dominance of WhatsApp.

The most prominent messaging service app, established in 2013, has announced the most significant data transfer up to 1 GB. Whereas WhatsApp offers only 16 MB.

Moreover, Telegram also enabled users to make a large group size of up to 5,000 members in 2015. Whereas WhatsApp is still stuck on 30 group members at a time.

Therefore, Telegram has stepped into the instant messaging field with WhatsApp as the main target is to provide the best services.

Besides, Telegram is offering more than what WhatsApp is doing, WhatsApp remains the popular instant messaging platform, but Telegram is just a little behind.


Telegram Leads Whatsapp In Features

Comparing both messaging services, WhatsApp has taken the lead. Though telegram leads by some reasonable distance and features.

Besides, Telegram is not stopping to make things worse for WhatsApp. More features have recently been added to the instant messaging app. In addition, the new features, Telegram will undoubtedly become even more popular than WhatsApp.

Recently, Telegram launched its new feature that allows users to share their chat folders via links. Users can easily invite their friends or colleagues to join the workgroup by sharing a link.

Moreover, users can also access collections of news channels without any effort. You need to do a single click; they will add the folder to your Telegram app and instantly join all the chats within the folder.

Hence, the end feature has enabled access and collaboration information with others on the same platform. Not only this, but it also allows to support multiple links simultaneously. This indicates you can create links to access different chats within the same folder.

For instance: if anyone names a folder “friends” depending on the chats included. The new feature enables you to share specific conversations with different groups of people without giving them access to the entire folder.
Being an admin of the folder allows you to add new chats to your folder and update the link. Members of the folder get the links as a suggested chat to join.

However, you can also apply custom wallpaper for each chat. You can choose anything, whether it’s a photo or color combination.

In addition, Telegram bots are capable enough to host web apps that can offer a variety of services and utilities to millions of users. The most significant advantage is that these web pages can quickly be launched in any chat within the platform.

Moreover, it provides the fastest speed to attach media files. Users can time travel through their chats more efficiently by clicking the date bar. Undeniably, the advanced features help users navigate their conversations and find specific attachments very quickly.

Telegram has also offered a new feature that improves the user experience. The “Send when Online” option allows you to send messages when the recipient is online.

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