WhatsApp Rolls Out A New Feature: Now You Can Customize Your Chats

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WhatsApp has brought something exciting to its messaging platform

The customize chat option will enable users to customize their chat as per their taste

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging apps, keeps improving daily. WhatsApp creators always want to bring innovative and updated features to improve the app.

This time, WhatsApp has brought something unique and new feature to facilitate its users. WhatsApp is about to improve with a new upcoming that will enable users to edit text.

The new advanced feature allows users to customize texts according to their taste.


WhatsApp Text Editor Will Go Beyond Texts

According to a report, the updated feature will give users a unique text editing experience. Whereas Beta testers can now experience text editing features as WhatsApp has already rolled out its Beta version.

The main aim behind this feature is to edit the text, but the report says it will give something beyond just editing texts. The quality is a new addition to WhatsApp that will enable users to edit more files using WhatsApp.

However, it allows users to edit text, images, GIFs, video files, and much more. Currently, the beta version is only available for Android users. However, an arrangement is currently under development for the iOS platform.

In addition, the feature will also give a choice to choose different font styles and edit the fonts to their classes if they want to use something other than the predefined ones.

Moreover, the customization option allows users to add text to videos, images, and GIFs. This means a user can customize the text and add them to your media files before sharing.

Additionally, a user will have the flexibility to align the text accordingly. A user can also change the background colors of the text. This allows a user to highlight or change the text color to differentiate from others.

On the other hand, the messaging service app allows users to edit text messages that have already been sent. According to the reports, the option will be available for 15 minutes after sending a text.

Though, the action resulted from the requests of millions of WhatsApp users to correct typos or embarrassing messages sent over to others in group messages or personal chats.

The feature is under development and will come to users soon. Another exciting feature will allow users to make Amendments when a specific message on the app is held down.

Though the edit is still in its early stages of testing, therefore, it is expected that some more adjustments will occur.

Indeed, the new enhanced features will help people worldwide to use WhatsApp in a better way and will make communication easier and in a flexible mode.

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