Telenor launches 11 new products at Digital Festival ’16

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Telenor successfully conducted their first ever Digital Festival today. In accordance with the theme of digitization, the event took place via Facebook Live and YouTube. Over 700 people from around the country gathered to take part in this digital transformation. Telenor took this opportunity to launch 11 new products.

The main idea behind this festival was to celebrate technology and new smart solutions brought forth by the teleco in the Pakistani industry. The event allowed the digitally savvy attendees an opportunity to mingle with their corporate prospects. Furthermore, Telenor Digital Festival ’16 provided the perfect launch ground for their new digital products. These included 5 marketing products, 3 CRD products, 2 IoT devices and an Easypaisa product.

The event attendees were offered an exclusive look and a hands-on experience with all these devices in the Experience Zone. The nature of devices launched by Telenor shows that they are completely in step with the changing technology trends of the world.

We will soon be reviewing some of these products. Till then, here is our quick overview.

1. WoW Box

WoW Box is essentially an interactive digital platform that provides highly engaging content to its users. The application’s tile-based UI presents services, deals and offerings to the user in a rewards-based loyalty program. The app would allow users to not only browse through but also buy data packages, earn/spend reward tokens, purchase WoW Offers and play games, of course. You can download the application here.

2. Pocket TV

Pocket TV is loosely based on services provided by Netflix. Pocket TV will provide Telenor users the ability to watch Live TV or on-demand videos, full-length dramas, and movies. You can subscribe to this service here and later use it on your laptop or smartphone.

3. Telenor Appbox

Appbox allow Java and Android users to buy apps and in- apps from Mobile balance. With low penetration of credit cards in Pakistan (less than 3%) and no alternative for applications for java users. Mobile users can get latest recommendation, discounts and offer as well.

Telenor Pakistan introduced an android mobile application store, a one stop shop for all categories of Apps. It also provided an opportunity to local developers to earn revenue by publishing app on Appbox; this is helping to enable in-app economy in Pakistan

Appbox also offers an immersive experience where visitors are aided in content discovery through curated content management which is consistent with local themes and trends, thus offering a more personalized experience.

3 Salient features

  • Payment through Mobile balance: this allows user to buy their favorite apps or to skip any level by paying through their mobile balance.
  • App Publishing: Local and International developers can publish app anytime they want. This allows startups and freelancers to monetize at very early stage.
  • Content: appbox feature  android, android and Java content with no Java store available this allows users to buy their favorite games from one place. In addition to this, the appbox provides localized content which is tailored made for Pakistan users.

4. My Telenor App

‘My Telenor App’ is a self-care app launched by Telenor to help their pre- and post-paid customers manage their accounts. It also provides and overview of available offers, usage details, other services and, spend and bill details. It is available for download on Google Play, App Store and Telenor Apps.

5. Capture

Capture is a cloud storage solution app being offered by Telenor. As the name suggests, the app automatically uploads your photos to a cloud. So that in case of a mishap, even if you lose your phone, your photos will still be available on the cloud. It is available for iOS, Android and the Web. You can download the application here.

6. Digital SSC

Digital SSC is an automated machine for performing various activities of GSM & FS without any human interaction. The machine will be placed at Telenor Pakistan’s own location and at other public touch points as well to allow customers to avail services independently.

7. Digital IVR

Digital IVR is a mobile application through which a user who dials the 345 helpline can browse through an on-screen (visual) IVR to take information, activate/deactivate available value added services and offers against his subscription.

8. Social Care

Social Care takes social media one step ahead from customer engagement to customer care by providing excellent customer services and online solutions.

9. Telenor Companion Watch

Telenor Companion Watch is a child monitoring/tracking device which is essentially an SIM-enabled wristwatch with voice and tracking functions. This watch offers parents peace of mind by giving them real-time tracking of their child.

10. Auto Smart OBD 2.0

Auto Smart OBD 2.0 is vehicle tracking and monitoring device which monitors emissions, mileage, speed, location, and other useful data. It is connected to the OBD port in EFI vehicles which detects a problem. It not just tracks one’s own car but can also act as a complete fleet management solution for business organisations.

11. EasyPay

Easypay is an online payment enabling system that lets you pay online using your Easypaisa Account, Credit/Debit card or via an Easypaisa retailer. It only allows for cashless payments on various Easypay supported vendors in Pakistan.

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