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Tencent Launches Palm Recognition Payment Service: Making Payments With a Wave of the Hand

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Launched for Tencent’s WeChat Pay service, the palm recognition payment feature allows users to pay by waving their hands over a scanner

Well using credit cards and fingerprints have made our payment faster but it seems that China doesn’t want to settle on speed since WeChat Pay, a Chinese Payment app, owned by Tencent, has introduced a ‘palm recognition payment service’ that will allow its users to pay through a wave of the hand.

According to details, WeChat Pay has created special palm scanning devices that will analyze and identify palm prints. All users have to do is to wave their palms over a scanner and complete their payments.

The palm scanning devices will distinguish between different devices by not just using palm lines but also analyze the veins inside the palm of a person, making it more secure.

Users can use the new palm scanner to pay for a number of different transactions such as booking a metro ride since they can easily find a number of different palm scanning turnstiles at different metro stations.

“Recognition of a unique palm print triggers an automatic payment through the user’s WeChat account. In our aim to improve efficiency and greatly simplify user experience, we are making new technology more user-friendly for the elderly and accessible to people with disabilities,” said Tencent in its statement.

It’s being said that the technology has been developed by Tencent’s YouTu artificial intelligence lab and that it can analyze both surface-palm level prints and the veins below a person’s skin.

Only available at limited locations, the palm service feature is being prepared for expansion in offices, campuses, retail outlets and restaurants.

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