Tesla pickup truck coming “right after” Model Y, confirms Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a revolutionary entrepreneur of the 21st century. His ideas have been vital in paving the way to a world of autonomous cars, among a long list of other innovations. After unveiling the Tesla all-electric semi-truck and the next generation of Roadster (sports car) back in November, Elon revealed in a Twitter post that Tesla is further expanding.

Continuing the legacy of innovation, Elon Musk, on behalf of his firm, has revealed that Tesla aims to produce a mass-market pickup truck “right after” it is done with the production of the Model Y.

The hype for the Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck has been at its peak for a long time. As the company’s Model Y, a crossover all-electric vehicle built on the next-generation platform is going to be unveiled somewhere near 2018-2019. It will be called a successor to Tesla’s Model 3, which includes hot-selling vehicles including Sedan.

Given this statement, it would be safe to estimate that Tesla would start work on the pickup in late 2019 or early 2020. This delay can be attributed to the mass production times of the Model 3 along with the plans of making the Model Y, an SUV dubbed as the crossover version of the Model 3.

Another justification of this time frame is the plan of other automobile manufacturers to release mass-market electric SUV, i.e. around the beginning of 2020.

Along with the introduction of the pickup, Elon has indicated that the existing models might get a few upgrades including the usage of all 8 cameras as dashcams and introduction of ambient light settings which adjust themselves according to the music being played in the vehicle.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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