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That’s How Pakistanis Roll in Times of Crisis!

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Petroleum Crisis In Pakistan

Pakistan and crisis are now synonymous to the extent that ‘Breaking News’ is not exactly a ‘Breaking News’ anymore. Upper class is too busy with their own financial crisis, middle class entertains themselves in front of the Television and lower class is the one who has succumbed itself to the governmental experiments. Typical story, right! Let me introduce another class – “The Bacha Party”, TBP – for future reference!

TBP are the smartest people who know how to use laptop/mobile/tablet and Internet/3G/4G to the full capability. They are deep thinkers who bring hilarious images from their mind through a piece of software on to their social media accounts and TV channels. They can make anyone run for their money with the hilarious taunts on any country crisis, even our dearest government. The usual scenario is that our government should be embarrassed and afraid of TBP who might be tarnishing their reputation. But the reality is, for one, our government has no reputation and two, they are just as stubborn as TBP.

Today, we are appreciating the efforts of TBP in the latest petroleum crisis and for continuously reminding the government that they suck at their job.

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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