The e-Rozgaar Training Programme Trained 54000 Punjab’s Young Students

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman ·  2 min read >

The Punjab government has successfully transformed the lives of 54000 young individuals by providing them with valuable information technology skills through the e-Rozgaar Training Programme. This initiative, in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the Punjab Youth Affairs and Sports Department, has empowered the skilled youth of Punjab to earn a staggering sum of over Rs. 8 billion.

The primary goal of the e-Rozgaar Training Programme was to equip unemployed youths with essential skills and knowledge in seven different fields, namely mobile app development, technical content marketing, creative designing, and e-commerce, among others. The training offered by this program has been instrumental in unleashing the potential of these youngsters and has opened up lucrative opportunities in the digital landscape.

Since its inception, the program has witnessed an impressive turnout of more than 54,000 students who have successfully completed their training. These ambitious individuals have honed their IT expertise, enabling them to harness the power of the internet to earn a substantial income. A recent survey revealed that e-Rozgaar trained candidates have collectively earned an astounding Rs. 8.152 billion through various online endeavors.

To facilitate widespread access to this transformative program, the government has established 45 e-Rozgaar Centers across Punjab. These centers act as hubs for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and skill development, providing an inclusive environment for the youths to flourish in their chosen fields.

The impact of the e-Rozgaar Training Programme has been profound, not only on the financial front but also in empowering the youth to become self-reliant and contribute positively to the growth of the digital economy. As the program continues to expand and reach more regions within Punjab, it holds the promise of nurturing a skilled workforce capable of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of information technology and online entrepreneurship. With the government’s steadfast commitment and the enthusiasm of the youth, the e-Rozgaar initiative is set to shape a brighter future for Punjab’s young generation.

The e-Rozgaar Training Programme’s impact goes beyond just financial gains. By equipping the youth with IT skills, the initiative has played a crucial role in reducing the unemployment rate in Punjab. It has provided young individuals with a chance to channel their creativity and talents, giving them a sense of purpose and direction. Many participants have transformed their lives, transitioning from job seekers to successful entrepreneurs and freelancers, contributing to the growth of the digital economy.

Moreover, the success of the e-Rozgaar Training Programme has inspired other regions and governments to adopt similar initiatives. Its model of empowering the youth with relevant and marketable skills has become a shining example for skill development programs nationwide. As a result, more youths from different states have been encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship and pursue careers in the digital domain.

The collaboration between the Punjab Information Technology Board and the Punjab Youth Affairs and Sports Department has been pivotal in ensuring the program’s efficiency and reach. By leveraging the expertise of both departments, the e-Rozgaar initiative has been able to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of the youth, enabling them to choose the fields that align with their interests and strengths.

The success stories of the e-Rozgaar trained candidates have inspired a ripple effect within communities across Punjab. The program’s beneficiaries have not only transformed their own lives but have also become role models for others in their neighborhoods, motivating them to acquire new skills and embrace the digital world’s potential.

To ensure the sustainability and continued growth of the program, the Punjab government has been actively collaborating with various private and public sector organizations. These partnerships have facilitated access to real-world projects, internships, and employment opportunities for the e-Rozgaar graduates. This industry integration has made the program more relevant and responsive to the rapidly changing demands of the digital job market.

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
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