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The first 3D-printed neighborhood to be established in the Californian desert

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The desert landscape of California’s Coachella Valley will soon be home to the first US neighborhood comprised entirely of 3D-printed houses, reports The Guardian. The project will comprise a five-acre parcel of land, which will be transformed into a planned community of 15 eco-friendly homes that will be completely 3D-printed – first of their kind.

“This will be the first on-the-ground actualization of our vision for the future of housing,” said Alexey Dubov, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Mighty Buildings, the company that has teamed up with another 3D construction company, Palari group for the project.

Up to 80% of the construction can be automated, Mighty Homes claims, with 95% fewer labor hours and 10-times less waste than conventional construction. The Rancho Mirage homes will each feature mid-century modern architecture and consist of a three-bedroom, two-bath primary residence of 1,450 sq ft, along with a secondary residence on the property of two bedrooms and one bath.

“Inwood frame construction, there’s a significant waste that is generated for the home that’s being built; it’s about two tons of waste that goes into landfills,” Starr said. “And with 3D printing, it’s a revolutionary way of building that eliminates that unnecessary waste.”, Palari Group founder and CEO Basil Starr told CNN.

Each home’s 10,000-sq-ft lot will have a swimming pool in the back yard and the option to pay extra for amenities such as cabanas, hot tubs, fire pits, and outdoor showers. Prices will start at $595,000 for a base 3BR/2BA model and go up to $950,000 for a two-home configuration with upgrades.

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Source: The Guardian

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