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This First Pakistani woman gets the YouTube Gold Play Button and we all are proud

Avatar Written by Ammara Saleem · 1 min read>

The famous Pakistani YouTuber, Amna who teaches Pakistani cuisine scored a Gold Play Button from YouTube last week. She announced it in her video on her facebook page and seemed very happy and excited.

She runs the famous YouTube channel, Kitchen with Amna and makes it simple and easy for beginners to try out complicated Pakistani dishes such as reshmi kabab or saag.

Having started off just two years back, this is quite an accomplishment for the talented woman to reach a mark of 1M subscribers and becoming the first Pakistani woman to get Gold Play Button from YouTube.

Upon receiving the Gold Play Button, she shared in her video that she used to consider herself as good for nothing but the last two years have been quite fruitful for her. She said that she is aiming for a Diamond Play Button.

If you are also someone who typically struggles with cooking and searches recipes on YouTube then you must have come across Amna’s channel. Amna plays the perfect role of a savior for every Pakistani man and woman who wants to learn Pakistani cuisine.

One particularly noticeable thing about Amna is that she is present at almost every digital forum. She even has a website along with her presence on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Also, she is a blogger at Blogspot. This means she leverages users from every online platform to find her and connect with her.

Just a month back Nadir Ali, a famous prankster on YouTube won Gold Play button from YouTube. Seems like a start to Pakistanis getting the massive increase in the number of their fans on YouTube and let’s see who becomes the first Pakistani to get Diamond Play Button.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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