The President of Pakistan chaired a meeting on emerging Technologies

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

The president of Pakistan chaired a meeting for the task force on upcoming technologies like Blockchain, internet of things (IoT), robotics, and artificial intelligence (IA) at Aiwan-e-Sadar. The meet up was held on 17th December by the president. The conference was also attended by the Minister of Information and Technology Khalid Maqbool along with several other IT experts.

The President also showed concern about the disruptive behavior of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology. One of which is effects on cybersecurity. Hackers and rival governmental bodies can take a hint on sensitive yet important national decisions if proper measures for the cyber securities do not get practiced.

He believed that the coming year will be all about the proliferation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He further added to accumulate the futuristic evolution in ICT Pakistan needs a well-educated youth in Telecommunication and Information technology along with a nation that wilfully adopts these technologies.

The President showed concern in the creation of an advanced digital ecosystem. For which the investments should be observed in areas like shared data services, technological centers, and digital identification, etc. in addition to that  President Alvi also added that Pakistan should also adopt cyber apps and tools in different sectors like education, biotechnology, finances, healthcare, and population planning, etc.

Some of the tech trends have been paving its way in Pakistan long before it has been insisted by the president such as Blockchain, AI and cybersecurity. The use of cryptocurrency has been in the country for a long time. Not just that the use of it is increasing from the last year. With the technological services being practiced in different walks of life in Pakistan. AI investments have remarkably increased which is promoting Blockchain technology to access more use cases. A few common ways of using cryptocurrency are crypto payments, digital voting, taxation, accountability of the supply chain, digital identity management, and much more.

At the meetup’s closing, President Arif Alvi added: “ We saw the very significant role of the technology companies in building up Pakistan’s digital economy. There were many low hanging fruits and with a collective effort we could yield quick and long-lasting results, the president added.”