This app allows anyone to easily donate to Edhi and other social organizations

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Feeling Blessed is a mobile application platform developed around the concept of Islamic charity. Founded and developed by Dr. Muhammad Tauseef Rab, who is a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin, the app is currently the most trending donation app in North America.

The app is looking to simplify the process of charity and donation for Muslims, helping them easily donate to their favorite charities and help do good in society. The easy to use interface and different options regarding recurring donations help encourage casual donors to gear up for longer commitments to these social organizations.

The app allows transactions through credit cards and charges no fees other than what banks will normally do for transactions and currency conversion.

One of the more interesting and useful features of Feeling Blessed is its recurring donations and Sadqa-e-Jaria feature. If you like a social organization but aren’t able to contribute in an effective manner at once due to financial constraints, you can set up a recurring donation to contribute little by little every week, month, or any other suitable time period.

Using the Sadqa-e-Jaria feature of Feeling Blessed, you can also donate on behalf of other individuals such as your parents, wife, brother or any other close relative.

During the last Ramadan, Feeling Blessed raised nearly 1 million Dollars for organizations like Edhi Foundation, Indus Foundation, and Muslim Legal Fund of America. Newer organizations can easily sign up to be part of the Feeling Blessed platform by signing up for their organization’s plan (apart from a small subscription fee, they don’t charge anything on donations made).

With Ramadan season fast approaching, most people will be looking to donate their preferred charitable organizations, Feeling Blessed is a good option to easily and quickly perform the act of Islamic charity. The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices.


Written by Shaoor Munir
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