This app from PITB will allow citizens to follow proceedings of Lahore High Court

Written by Shaoor Munir ·  39 sec read >
PITB recently debuted a robust Case Flow Management software for Lahore High Court. Now it is working on a new and improved mobile app which will connect to that internal Case Flow Management system to allow any lawyer or citizen to follow the proceedings of a case right from the comfort of their home.
Labeled as ‘High Court 2.0’, the app improves over the current LHC app available on Android devices to provide a simple user interface for relaying important information to anyone seeking details about working of the High Court.
The app allows users to view the cause list for any bench or judge, allowing them to follow the proceedings of the court easily and effectively.
It also allows viewing details of any case, displaying information like the next date fixed for hearing and the court in which the case is being heard at the moment. Users can follow a case too, which will help them keep track of any changes in hearing dates or any other detail.
The app will soon be available to install for Android devices through the Play Store.
Written by Shaoor Munir
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