This Pakistani healthcare startup lets you book doctor appointments and get free medical advice online

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The healthcare sector of Pakistan has remained unchanged for the most part since decades. Recently though, it has been getting a lot of attention through the efforts of budding startups looking to revolutionize this untapped industry. And now a new healthcare startup is looking to completely modernize the system by making the process of finding the best doctors as simple as finding the best-rated restaurant on FoodPanda.

Launched barely two months ago, “TalkHealth” is an intelligent solution for the healthcare woes of Pakistanis. In simple terms, TalkHealth is a web-portal which lets you simply search for doctors by name, by geo-location or even by profession. They even let you review the doctors so others can benefit from your opinion.

The service is dead-simple and is easy enough for anyone to navigate.

Talk Health

How to book an appointment with TalkHealth?

  1. Head over to TalkHealth’s website and sign-up by clicking on the “Register” option, then choose “Sign Up”.
  2. Search according to your requirement.
  3. Select a doctor and click on “Appointment”.
  4. It will give you a detailed schedule of the respective doctor along with all the “Open” slots you can book an appointment for. Just click on any of them, provide the patient name and your phone number and that’s it.


Currently available in only Islamabad and Rawalpindi, they have partnered with a total of 45 hospitals and clinics including Ali Medical Center, Maroof International Hospital, Nusrat Hospital, Hope Hospital, Ali Hospital and Health Care Hospital. They are offering a 20 % discount on Doctor Appointments taken from TalkHealth as a kind of launch promotion.

“This not only provides doctors a platform to market themselves but also empowers the patients to voice their concerns about a certain doctor or medical facility,” said Sarfraz, co-founder of TalkHealth, while talking to TechJuice.

Get free medical advice from certified Doctors!

Self-medication is a big issue in Pakistan and in an effort to save money, most people don’t even bother to consult a doctor. In an effort to combat that mindset, TalkHealth is also offering to get free medical advice from certified doctors. It provides a social network-like approach, letting you ask a doctor or ask other users of the service. A certified doctor will then reach out by commenting on your question. Simply click on the “Ask a Free Question” button on their web portal after signing up and ask away.Talk Health

If you are a doctor and would like to sign-up for TalkHealth, you can create your own profiles by going to the TalkHealth website and registering as a Doctor.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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