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Tik Tok Security Flaw: Allowed Hackers To Leak Personal Information

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The famous video-sharing app Til Tok faces a “security breach”. The research group of the cyber company “Impreva” uncovered a vulnerability, that could allow hackers to access all the user’s personal information. TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform to get connected with millions of people at a time.

A Tik Tok security breach allowed potential hackers to get access to any user information on the platform if they opened a link. Moreover, this security breach enabled hackers to extract sensitive data from targeted devices, exposing victims to identify blackmail, theft, and phishing.

According to the research company, this vulnerability was brought on by the Windows message event handler that improperly validates the message origin and enables hackers to access private user data.

In addition, the data included device and user information, as well as viewing history, search results, timings and other personal information.


Tik Tok Security Breach

The security breach was discovered in the biggest social platform Tik Tok that tracks user data and other info. People use Tik Tok to get famous and to build connections. People rely on the platform and sometimes share the videos that showcases their own data.

Hence, the weakness was occured due to the lack of authentication both recieving and sending internal messages in the system. When the security breach revelaed, the platform contacted the company and after a short time the problem was completely resolved.

Tik Tok

Nadav Avital, Director of threat research at Impreva Securities said that,” this weakness is an excellent example of how privacy and security in social networks largely depend on the companies that provide the services”.

In addition, he also stated that, “unsafe use of a function that depends on external input leaked personal information that could have been used by hackers for further attacks such as phishing, blackmail or alternatively for attacks on devices of high-profile users. We appreciate the fact that Tik Tok worked very seriously to fix the weakness”.

In reply, Tik Tok said,” thorough our partnership with the security researchers at Impreva, we discovered and quickly fixed a vulnerability present in some older version of the web app”.

Additionally, “we deeply thank Impreva researches for their efforts to help identify potential issues so we can swiftly resolve them”.

Tik Tok is a controversial social platform,built by a Chinese company called ByteDance and has approximately more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Recently, the US government has started scrutinizing and banning Chinese companies, claiming that their government has a tight grip on them and could face them to allow unauthorized backdoor access at any point.

In conclusion, the current Til Tok vulnerability discovered by Impreva highlights the significance of staying proactive and vigilant when it comes to online security.

Hackers are very smart and always in search of ways to steal perosnal information and it is important for users to be proactive. We need to be aware of the risks and taking appropriate measures, users can take actions to keep perosnal information safe and secure.

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