Top 20 best technology companies to work according to Glassdoor, Facebook on top

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Facebook tops the list of Glassdoor’s best technology companies to work for in 2017.

Glassdoor released the list of 50 “Best places to work 2017, Employee’s choice” in December 2016. About 20 tech companies of U.S made it to the list. Facebook topped the tech list with overall second position and 4.5 rating. Google is the second best tech place with 4th position overall and 4.4 rating in the list. LinkedIn is the fifth best tech company and 8th overall with 4.4 rating. Apple and Microsoft grabbed 18th and 19th spots respectively, with 4.2 rating, in tech workplaces.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking company, Facebook topped the list in 2013. After which, it dropped down. Facebook’s Head of People, Lori Matloff Goler told TechCrunch that Facebook is a strength-based organization which takes good care of its people. The managers help employees to play with their strengths, set goals and provide feedback. They also offer great work packages to the employees.

In order to compile this list every year, Glassdoor asks the employees about pros and cons of companies they work for and whether they’d recommend them to their friends. It also asks them to rate how satisfied they are with their employer, rate their CEO, rate key workplace attributes like career opportunities, compensation & benefits, culture and values, senior management and work-life balance. Glassdoor’s community expert Scott Dobroski said,

“Facebook made the list for the seventh time and topped the tech category because employees raved about their employer, overall, especially around compensation and benefits and perks that make day to day life easier like free meals or transportation.”

Bain and Company topped the overall list replacing Airbnb from last year, which dropped down to about 34 spots this year. The list of technology companies is:

  1. Facebook (#2, 4.5)
  2. Google (#4, 4.4)
  3. World Wide Technology (#5, 4.4)
  4. Fast Enterprises (#6, 4.4)
  5. LinkedIn (#8, 4.4)
  6. Adobe (#9, 4.3)
  7. Paylocity (#14, 4.3)
  8. SAP (#15, 4.3)
  9. MathWorks (#16, 4.3)
  10. Salesforce (#17, 4.3)
  11. Intuit (#20, 4.3)
  12. Docusign (#23, 4.3)
  13. Concur (#24, 4.3)
  14. Akamai (#25, 4.3)
  15. Zillow (#29, 4.2)
  16. NVIDIA (#30, 4.2)
  17. Airbnb (#35, 4.2)
  18. Apple (#36, 4.2)
  19. Microsoft (#37, 4.2)
  20. Texas Instruments (#42, 4.2)

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Written by Maheen Kanwal
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