Top 3 free courses on Data Science

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Data Science involves using algorithms, techniques, and processes to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data sets which may be in various forms. Data Analysis and Big Data are pretty popular topics nowadays and those with sufficient knowledge in these domains can secure lucrative career positions at top firms. Take a look at the courses below:

Intro to Data Science – Udacity

This course spans 2 months and will teach you extensively about Data Manipulation as well as analysis using Statistics and Machine Learning. You will learn to visualize data sets and work with data at scale. Some key concepts being taught include Data Wrangling, normal distribution, common data formats etc.

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Learn Data Science With R – Udemy

You probably have heard about Data Science with Python but R is just as efficient. It is a programming language for statistical computing and computer graphics announced in July this year. This language is fairly popular amongst data miners. This course spans just under 10 hours and will teach you about Vectors, frames, lists and how to read as well as manipulate data from an Oracle database.

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Data Analytics – Mining and Clustering of Data

You will learn in detail regarding what Big Data is and different rules associated with data mining. You will then learn about clustering techniques such as K-means and K-meloids for data analysis and finally, through experimentation, you will learn about the n-arm bandit problem. This course consists of overall 5 modules and will get you a certification in Data Analytics once you are finished.

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