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Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump’s account on last day of work

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Donald Trump

Yes, you read it right. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account remained deactivated for more than 11 minutes and it was not initially clear what happened to the account. However, it was later found out that the reason was a rogue Twitter employee.

Initially, Twitter did not respond immediately to the issue but later on, it first tweeted that it was a “human error” but later on it confirmed that the account was removed by an employee intentionally. It was his last day at job and he used his last day to remove the world’s most powerful man’s Twitter account.

Here’s the first tweet from the company.

And here’s what it confirmed after a couple of hours.

Removing the president’s Twitter account is not a small thing, therefore Twitter says that it has reviewed its policies after the incident and it will make sure that nothing like this happens again.

People also stormed Twitter about the incident. They were apparently relieved as the president was unable to Tweet for a few minutes. Here are some of the tweets.

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