President Trump signs order to suspend H-1B and other work visas till December

Hamnah Khalid • June 23, 2020

US govt website attacked by a group of Iranian hackers

Hamza Zakir • January 6, 2020

Trump meets with Apple CEO amidst increasingly tense relations with China

Hamza Zakir • June 17, 2019

Trump asks Twitter CEO about the lost Twitter followers

Faisal Saeed • April 24, 2019

Searching the word idiot on Google shows you images of Trump

Shehryar Ahmed • July 20, 2018

Twitter went against its policy, didn’t delete anti-muslim tweets by Trump

TechJuice • December 2, 2017
Bahtiyar Duysak

The Twitter contractor who suspended Trump’s account is revealed

Muneeb Ahmad • December 2, 2017
Donald Trump

Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump’s account on last day of work

Uzair Khalid • November 3, 2017
Zuckerberg - Trump

Mark Zuckerberg fires back at Donald Trump allegations

TechJuice • September 28, 2017

Tech giants respond to Trump’s horrific decision to ban 800,000 American immigrants

Maryam Dodhy • September 6, 2017

US lifts the laptop ban for all flights from Middle East

Muneeb Ahmad • July 20, 2017

Donald Trump tweets a wrong word, Merriam Webster responds with a full English lesson

Muneeb Ahmad • May 9, 2017

US President Donald Trump Wants Humans on Mars in Three Years

Ali Raza • May 2, 2017

US bans laptops and tablets on flights from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries

Muneeb Ahmad • March 21, 2017