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Twitter to launch its ‘Lights Out’ mode for Android soon

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

The most popular micro-blogging website Twitter has been working on a handful of redesigns for its various platforms, and those redesigns also include an all-black dark mode for mobile devices. Android users haven’t been able to get access to the most hyped dark mode feature, which for Twitter is called Lights Out mode, but that will soon change.

Twitter’s Vice President of design and research, Dantley Davis, in a recent tweet mentioned that all-black Lights Out mode in on its way for Android users. According to reports from several media outlet, the new dark mode is expected to arrive on the platform sometime in mid-September.

While it’s nice to finally know the time of its arrival, launching in mid-September puts this several months behind iOS. Twitter launched its Lights Out feature for iPhone and iPad users in March, and launching the Android’s update in September, puts it a full six months behind schedule. Davis in response to a question regarding this delay in Android launch has said that “the prioritization is the main reason it’s taking so long”.

Regardless, one can hope that the Android version of the Twitter’s dark mode feature comes sooner rather than later, as Android Q software is right around the corner, and it is bringing a system-wide dark theme along with it.

Twitter launched its dark mode feature for desktop version two years ago in 2017, and later in March 2019, the company launched its Lights Out feature for iOS users.

For desktop users, it is important to note that the dark mode feature doesn’t turn on and off automatically. It means that you have to turn it on/off yourself. You can turn on Night Mode on the desktop by clicking on your profile picture then scroll your cursor to the Night Mode icon and click on it. Moreover, to turn Night Mode off, you just need to click on the Night Mode icon and it’s done. Your Twitter account is back to normal.

Twitter’s website also getting a redesign soon which will make it similar to the mobile app. The redesign will largely focus on unifying the design of desktop and mobile versions of Twitter. The website now offers a bookmarks tab on the homepage and for those who don’t know, Bookmarks allow you to privately save tweets on your profile if you want to see them later on.