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Twitter to Resume and Expand Political Advertisement

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  58 sec read >
Twitter in San Francisco
Back in 2019, the company initiated a global ban on political ads, now with Musk in power political ads are back on the platform

Twitter released an official statement on Tuesday stating that the company will soon resume political advertisements on its platform. The arrival of this feature will be a reversal of a political advertisement ban that Twitter issued back in 2019.

Reversal of the political advertisement ban is the one of many changes that Elon Musk initiated after stepping into Twitter’s office.

Adding to its statement of political advertisement, Twitter also said that the company will now relax its policy for “cause-based ads” in the United States”, while also aligning its advertisement policy “with that of TV and other media outlets.”

Political and cause-based advertisement on the platform means that Twitter will now record an increase in advertisement revenue thus making Twitter cash rich. Before Elon Musk took charge, Twitter was taking in almost $1 million in losses everyday, Musk since then has devoted a lot of time and energy to stop the company from going into loss.

While implying the political advertisement in 2019, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that “We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought”. With Musk in the office, it seems that political advertisers will return back on Twitter in great volumes.

Twitter has been struggling with its advertisement revenue for quite some time. Companies that once advertised on the platform are now boycotting because of Musk’s firing spree, the return of Donald Trump and the Twitter blue paid verification feature.


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