Two Huawei employees arrested in Poland as West increases scrutiny

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Two Huawei employees have been arrested by Polish counterintelligence agency for charges of spying for the Chinese government. The agency believes it has solid evidence against the two employees of which one is a Chinese national who currently holds the designation of sales director whereas the other is a Polish and former high-ranking official at Poland’s internal security agency.

Huawei has been under serious scrutiny over the last few months which started off when their CFO was arrested in Canada and later on granted bail. The company has always denied charges of spying and claims it operates independently from the Chinese government. Very recently, another senior executive of Huawei in Canada left the company amidst mounting pressure from the West.

The two arrested employees will now remain in custody for the next 3 months and if the charges are proved, they could face imprisonment up to 10 years. Huawei is aware of the situation but has denied commenting on the matter. The Chinese company has been trying hard to defend itself from the US which is trying to persuade allied countries against the use of Huawei’s equipment. So far, UK and Australia are the only ones who have prohibited the Chinese company’s equipment’s use.

Source: GSMArena

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