Ufone Will Now Charge for Whatsapp Calls

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Whatsapp calls can be made on 3G & 4G network without any additional charges. However, due to the extensive use of Whatsapp, it is obvious that telcos do not want to be left out of the profits. This is why Ufone has decided to charge Whatsapp calls with regular data tariffs i.e. Rs. 20 for the first 1 MB and free for the next 19 MBs. If you think about it, 19 MBs will be used up in no time at all and Ufone can deduct additional charges for any further use.

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One of the Ufone users tweeted about the new price policy and shared the image below.

We think other telecom companies will soon follow and may even charge more. Does your network charge on Whatsapp calls too? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image Talha Masood

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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