Utility to check if ISP is secretly throttling your internet speeds

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  31 sec read >

ISP’s in Pakistan, promote their services as the fastest in their own respective manner. PTCL which controls 65% share of the broadband market in Pakistan, advertise to provide breathtaking internet speeds on their DSL and Evo Wireless devices. But the promised speeds are never delivered to the consumer, causing immense anger at the customer end. Worry not, there is a utility available to check if the ISP is slowing down internet speeds on purpose.

The name of the tool is Internet Health Test provided by Battle For The Net to check if your ISP is deliberately throttling your Internet bandwidth or speeds. Visit the website, click on Start The Test and a popup window will open up. The tool will run in the background and finish the test in a few minutes. Any degradation or throttling of internet bandwidth will be shown upon completion.





Written by Mohammad Farooq
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