WhatsApp releases update for video streaming without downloading

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November 25, 2016
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WhatsApp is slowly rolling out its “watching videos without downloading them” feature to the users.

WhatsApp, a messaging and calling application, was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It is used for messaging, audio and video calling and for sending photos, videos, GIFs, Documents and audio files. It has been incorporating many new features recently to enhance its utility.

The video streaming feature would be beneficial for users in many ways. A lot of videos are shared with an average user in various groups of WhatsApp in a day. Most of the time, these videos are totally useless. Also, they take a lot of space on your cell phone storage and consumes mobile data. Before this, users couldn’t do anything to know before-hand whether the video posted carries some interesting or useful information or just some stupid content. Now, users can stream the video and then if they wish, they can download it too.

This feature is currently available for beta version 2.16.365 for Android users only but it’ll be slowly rolled out to others also. It not only saves your precious time and mobile storage but also mobile data.

Recently, WhatsApp added video calling feature in addition to already available audio calling feature. As per reports, WhatsApp is also testing the Snapchat like stories feature.

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