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VPN Demand Increases By 846% In Pakistan: After Social Media Blockage

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The recent social media blockage has had significant implications for internet freedom in the country. This happened after news arrived about PTI’s chairman Imran Khan getting arrested. The arrest of Imran Khan has led to a surge in VPN usage as people search to circumvent the blockage.

On May 9, the Interior Ministry passed the orders to suspend all broadband services and mobile networks across Pakistan. The demand for VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has faced a surplus.

Alternative methods such as VPNs provide a lifeline for people suffering and struggling from social media restrictions. These apps enable them to connect and communicate in the chaos that frequently comes with such crackdowns.

When people could not access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platforms, the demand for VPNs soared in Pakistan. The arrest of the former prime minister and chairman of PTI, Imran Khan, sparked extensive.
Violent protests started to occur that led to blockades and traffic bottlenecks.

Increase In VPN Demand

First time Pakistan has faced such a rising demand for VPN services. This increase was around 311% compared to the average daily use over the last 28 days.

In contrast, on May 10, it was a vast striking increase in demand for VPNs higher than the previous day, hitting a remarkable 846% above the average.

The analysis conducted by the top 10 VPNs shows that the demand for VPNs in these two days was very high. This report comes from Top10VPN, responsible for monitoring VPN usage and fluctuations worldwide.

The data is presented in monthly reports, which are revealed compared to the previous 30 days.

In addition to the VPN spike, people started searching for alternative methods to login to their accounts and get access to these platforms.

Connecting to the internet through VPN empowers you to stay secure while online. It provides a secure connection for your devices when you access the internet.

Moreover, it acts as an intermediary between the internet service provider and the internet. It works when you route the connection through a VPN and access it via a private server.

The most significant advantage of using a VPN is that the data is encrypted before it’s transmitted. It also hides the IP address, which protects your identity when you are online.

When anyone accesses the internet through VPN, only your computer and the VPN have the key that can unscramble the encrypted data; it is called decryption.

While using VPN is not a complicated process; hence, it empowers you to share files securely without worrying about content exposition or composition.

VPN service protects your identity, password, location, and other personal details from hackers.

Alas, VPN played a significant role in the last two days, when the country’s situation was so stressful, and people wanted to know about the updates. On the other hand, people also wanted to post their comments and views regarding Imran Khan’s arrest.

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