Wateen Customers will be moved to Qubee as of July 1st. An update on the long forgotten merger?

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  49 sec read >

An email has been making rounds into the inbox of Wateen customers. There are no official announcements on either company websites, but we can assume that an announcement is bound to happen anytime in the future. The email informs Wateen customers that Qubee will be their new WiMax provider.

Wateen Vs Qubee

As you can see, the email does make it clear that Wateen intends on handing over their customers to Qubee, the last time such a move happened was when Mobilink Infinity pulled out of the WiMax Market in 2013 and sold their customer base to Qubee. The last we heard about Qubee and Wateen was when the two WiMax giants were in talks of consolidating their operations for mutual benefit. This talk occurred in the near end of 2013 and since then updates have been empty.

Seeing as how 2014 saw the introduction of 3G/4G internet to smartphones, and the rapidly growing customer base all over Pakistan, perhaps the decline of WiMax devices is on the horizon? The devices have become dated and when compared to the rates and speeds of 3G / 4G in the country, might have a hard time competing against telco’s.

This is a developing story, we will share updates as soon as we hear back from Wateen and Qubee for comments.

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