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What’s in your bag, Fatima Rizwan?

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What’s in your bag? is our new recurring feature where The AppJuice Team would be asking people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and heart to us. Do you want to show us your bag? Email us at inbox@theappjuice.com. Inspiration credits goes to The Verge.

These days I am super busy, I go to office in the morning and in the evening I have to meet people for discussions, interviews and other stuff related to The AppJuice. My bag is very simple and light. I make sure I don’t tuck in anything extra that I will have to drag till the evening. There was a time, I used to keep the DSLR and one or two lenses with me all the time to capture but I have been ignoring photography for a long time now. I will surely get back to it some other time.



First thing you will notice about me is that I am super simple, I never wear makeup, jewellery and other girlish things.I don’t like shopping either so I bought this bag, well, in less than 15 minutes. I like this bag because it’s spacious and comfy. Plus, I can handle it either by using a strap on my shoulders or by its handles. If I am going on some events with DSLR, I can easily put in my DSLR body and a lens in the bag staying assured that they are safe. I bought it 5 or 6 months ago and I believe I will be using it for a year more at least.

Other Stuff



I am using Samsung Galaxy Note and Nokia Lumia 920 these days. I love both of the devices to bits but Lumia 920 is my primary phone because of its simplicity and quickly accessible features.

When it comes to making phone calls and messaging I use Lumia, but for applications, social media, emails and reading I prefer my Phablet – Galaxy Note.  I have been using Lumia for 5 months now and I bought the Note in 2012.

I love Lumia more because of its unique color, live tiles and flat UI.



Voice Recorder

I am not by any means related to Louis from SUITS. Well if you are thinking I spy people and record their conversations – you are right. I do record conversations but of course after informing the person and getting their approval.

This voice recorder is by Olympus and it has really very helped me at University with recording the lectures and now at The AppJuice while taking interviews of the inspiring people.




I travel a lot at least two to three hours every day, with this much travelling I can’t survive the long distances without my earphones. These are Beats replica and easily available in any shop in Pakistan.
I mostly listen to motivational songs, tech-podcasts and ted speeches while travelling.




 Sun glasses

More than half of the year is summer in Pakistan and days are super sunny. Keeping sunglasses is a good idea.

I bought these glasses from Hub along with the bag and I am quite happy with these and they are going to stay with me for a long time.




Other than that, I always keep the wallet with very small cash, a perfume, a few bubbles and my bag is always untidy due to excessive sweet and chocolate wrappers. I clean my bag after months and today while taking pictures of contents of bag I found a lot of things that I thought were lost. 😛

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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