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WhatsApp adds an option to tag a group chat member

Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  57 sec read >

WhatsApp has introduced an option which allows the members from group chats to tag others, an option that dispatches a singular notification towards the intended recipient, even if they have muted the chat for the life-time.

The option has existed on other social media forums for long, and as WhatsApp also incorporates the option to chat in groups, so the option to tag others will be a worthy addition. The option is expected to be welcomed by the users who do not want to miss out on any important correspondences, and more effectively, for the people who want zero-disturbance from the group chats and yet cannot afford to miss any important message pertaining to their interests as the notification will be sent out even if that particular chat has been muted for the greater good. screenshot_2016-09-20-18-39-32

Any member of a group chat can be tagged, regardless if the user is your contact or not, by typing the ‘At’ sign ( ‘@’ ). The tags can be inscribed with the text message, and can be used to target multiple chat participants. To use this feature, the users necessarily need to update the WhatsApp on their mobile phones. The feature works on Android as well as the iPhones, but not on the WhatsApp web application.

Recently, WhatsApp announced that it has changed its Terms and Services to compensate the transfer of data between Facebook and WhatsApp. The step was being considered as a pre-cursor to a more sophisticated platform. Facebook was planning to use WhatsApp in order to connect different Businesses and the users. It also keeps on adding different emojis to the store.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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