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Now you can find a Mosque and Kaaba in the recent update of WhatsApp

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  55 sec read >

WhatsApp, a popular messaging application for mobile, has just dispatched an update for its Android and iOS apps, adding tonnes of new emojis for the chat-freaks.

WhatsApp emojis
Home to nearly a billion users, WhatsApp is the messenger app of choice for people all over the globe. The app may not have tonnes of features like Line, Vine or other messenger apps on the market but it does have a huge set of emojis to choose from, and thanks to a new update, that set just got a lot bigger.

If you’ve got the latest update, you will be able to see a total of 8 tabs of emojis(unlike the previous 5), the extra ones being sports emojis, one with flags, bulbs and beverages. Apart from the extra tabs, the other tabs have also received some additions like a nerd face one, an urn and a turkey. More noticeably though, the app update has also added emojis of religious places like the Holy Kaaba, Mosque and Church(can be found by scrolling down on the car tab).

By keeping the app light, free and devoid of any geeky features, WhatsApp has stayed the favorite messaging app for most users and emojis have remained their only choice for communicating their feelings without using words. However, emojis are, and always have been, a tricky subject as they can be stereotypical. WhatsApp itself has received a lot of flak because of its white-only emoji faces and consequently, they had to add multiple-colored options so the addition of religious places is a surprise move.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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