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WhatsApp Business for iOS rolls out worldwide

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  1 min read >

Having quickly gained traction among businesses all over the world, WhatsApp Business is a thriving product. Now, after a burgeoning number of requests from its customers, WhatsApp has officially introduced the business version of its app on iOS almost a year after first rolling it out on the Android platform.

While WhatsApp has certainly cemented itself as the most popular messaging platform on the planet, its enterprise product for businesses has been a stroke of genius that has allowed it to gain a solid foothold in emerging markets. Just like the Android version, the iOS Business app aims to enable small businesses to reach out to their customers in a more effective manner.

It hosts a suite of features that streamline business-customer communication like quick replies, automated greetings and away messages, as well as supplementary features like profiles that include the business description, email address and website link.

Additionally, WhatsApp Business also offers desktop support, and considering the prevalent deployment and use of desktop computers in organizations all over the world, it’s no wonder that the app has millions of customers already.

It can be tempting to view WhatsApp merely as a messaging app, but its ultimate plans are way broader in scope. Much like its parent company Facebook, WhatsApp intends to be a gateway to the wider web for first-time users. The main app is used by individuals to talk to friends, join groups based on their preferences and interests, and even post daily statuses. Naturally, the app felt the need to expand and do the same for new businesses.

Moreover, it is worth noting that WhatsApp is exploring avenues for revenue generation, including the controversial idea to include advertisements. A separate application for businesses that exist on both the Android and iOS platforms ties in very well with its plans. Currently, revenue is generated by charging customers who have large volumes of incoming messages for using the Business API.

The free WhatsApp Business app is available on the App Store in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the USA, with plans to arrive in more markets all over the world in the coming weeks.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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