Why startups fail? Get eye-opening answers from this emerging tool!

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  46 sec read > is a project launched to share and highlight the reasons for the failures of many startups around the globe. It is a navigable database where different startups have shared experiences for their failed startups. It can act as a lesson learning curve for all emerging and current startups that may be going through difficult times giving access to information that may not be very easily available.

Autospy Lessons Learned

By launching this initiative, is acting as a content curator and collector for major startups that have failed through the years. The page is still in the development stage, but it is gaining attention quickly because of the valuable information it provides. Any startup that has failed can submit the detailed reasons for their failure by using ‘Submit an Autopsy’ button on the website. The website is broken down into rows and columns which include the startup name, a brief description of the startup idea, reasons for failure, a full story link and the name of the founder. The website is broken down into a list in a number format and includes the autopsy data by month and the year. is still developing the website, but you can keep following it for more information on the reasons for the failure of startups.

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Written by Mohammad Farooq
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